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tennessee real estate contract

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CONTRACT FOR THE SALE AND PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE (NO BROKER) For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, , Seller whether one or more, and ,
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Instructions and Help about tn realtor purchase and sale agreement with disclosures form
Hey what's up guys it's Harrison Williams here Keller Williams Mount Juliet productivity coach wanted to share with you guys how I actually go about filling out a purchase and sale agreement so of course I am NOT a broker I am NOT a real estate attorney however I have done this up for a while and wanted to impart my wisdom on you guys and share how I go about filling this out so so we take a look here at page 1 of the purchase and sale you'll see on line 3 there that we have the buyers name that needs to be input in so in this example I've got mr. Tim McGraw is going to be buying a property from the undersigned seller of Taylor Swift so both of those names you may need to find a seller's name in the tax record however you will just pull it there and then plug that into line 4 so we jump over to line 6 here of course you have all that tract of land known as I'm in this example 1 2 3 Main Street your property address located in Nashville Tennessee 3 7 2 0 8 and of course then you need to plug in what county that property is going to be in here in this example Davidson County the next blanks are 4d book and pages I like to actually go in here and identify the tax ID partial ID number it's combination of letters and numbers that way there's really no confusion again I pull that straight from the tax record alright this next paragraph here I always like to point out to people and make sure that you and your clients take a look at it starting on line 12 here as what's included with the purchase of the property so there are quite a few items here it's good that you have an understanding of what all is included in what's not included because as you take a look down here on items that remain with the property at no additional cost typically you may be putting in a refrigerator you'll find that that's not up in paragraph ahead so make sure you know what's in there and what else you need to ask for of course you do see the therefore how many garage remotes and then a box for what I was remaining with a property line 20 for their items that will not remain with the property I usually include all personal items I want to make sure that they've got all their personal items out of the home before my clients take possession okay leased items sometimes you will run into properties that have security systems or water softeners fuel tanks etc you know if you want to assume that least you would fill that up accordingly however a lot of times I find that people don't actually want to assume that Lissa then you would just check that box fill in that blank with what they do not want to assume hopping on down to line 36 here we have the purchase price so this is going to be filled out kind of like a check you're going to write the number and then you're going to physically spell it out so in this example making them the the offer price of a million dollars and then 1 million spelt out as we hop on down line 48 here really important we've got the appraisal section here...